Why Builders using Gray Blue Kota Stone for Building Water Proofing

  • Posted on: 9 November 2021
  • By: admin

While Marble and Granites absorb water, Blue gray Kota Stone is a non water absorbing limestone. Builders widely using Grey Kotastone raw chips and hand cut tiles with waterproof chemicals to make  building basements and walls 100% waterproof. By using Kota stone is tiles for waterproofing you can save upto 40% on waterproofing solutions. Even Kota stone waterproof tiles can be used in coastal areas.

We are adding more sections to this page to make this a perfect guide for kota stone waterproofing process and price. Natural Kota stone raw tiles are No.1 choice for builders due to better results and low price. Kota stone waterproofing solution approx price starts from Rs. 20 /Sq.Ft. Builders in all India specially in Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, Haryana, Kerala, Banglore, Hydrabad, prefer to use rough blue kota stone for water proofing. 

Waterproofing service charges may be different as depends on service providers and cities. Prices may be more expensive  in Bengaluru and Mumbai due to city wise inflation.

Kota Stone Waterproofing Process for Building and Basement