Kota stone flooring price

  • Posted on: 23 October 2021
  • By: admin

Kota stone flooring price and cost depends on different factors e.g. kota stone tile thickness, dimensions, colors, location and finishes etc. Installation process and labour cost also effect kota stone flooring price. Tile edge cut is also a price factor. a natural hand cut tile flooring cost you less while machine cut edge cost you hight as that need more time for installation.

Types of Flooring

Anti Skid Flooring
Commonly used in outdoor, garden, pathways, garage, swimming pool and stoned roads. Builders and architects using kota stone anti skid tiles in hotels, farmhouses, hospitals and shopping malls etc. Now days interior designers also using kota stone anti skid tiles for bathroom flooring and kitchen flooring.

Handcut Tile Flooring
Handcut stone tiles are similar to anti skid stone tiles with hand crafted rough edges mainly used to give a heritage look. A rough looking tile specially kota brown rough tile is widely used to give a heritage style to homes and hotels.