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Kota Blue Stone


Our range of polished Kota Blue Limestone, Paving Slabs is recognized through its fine shade of bluish green that adds liveliness to the interiors. High durability and fine finish, our range of polished Blue Natural Kota Stone and Kota Blue Polished Limestone are offered to suit varying needs of flooring and cladding.

Sizes and Finishes
Blue Kota Stone is available in various size.
Tiles Size (Inch) Slabs Size (Ft.)
Domestic 9X9 Polish Cut to Size
10X10 Polish Cut to Size
11X11 Polish Cut to Size
22X10 Polish Cut to Size
22X11 Polish Cut to Size
22X16 Polish Cut to Size
16X16 Polish Cut to Size
22X22 Polish Cut to Size
3X2 Polish Uncut
3.5X2 Polish Uncut
4X2 Polish Uncut
4.5X2 Polish Uncut
5X2 Polish Uncut
5.5X2 Polish Uncut
6X2 Polish Uncut
6.5X2 Polish Uncut
7X2 Polish Uncut
Sizes in Cm
Natural Handcut
Honed Calibrated
Brushed Antique

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