Mandana Stone Company

An ISO 9001 : 2008 Registered Company

Mandana Stone Company

Mandana Stone Company operates Kota Stone mines at Ramaganjmandi and is the only legal Mines owner of Acid Proof Red Mandana Sandstone at Kasar, Kota. It has state of art processing factories at Kota and Ramganjmandi. We have extensive mining operations and produce more than 1 million sq. mt of Kota Stone and 100000 sq. mt of Acid Proof Mandana Stone annually. We cater to all kinds of Industries and are a regular supplier and manufacturer of Natural Kota Stone throughout India and across the world to actual users/ construction companies for their flooring needs.
Our Company is a big-scale manufacturer of Kota limestone, Basalt, Red Mandana, and Dholpur sandstones and exports all kinds of Natural stones across the world and serves domestic markets as well. We have more than 20 years of expertise in the Natural stone industry and with our excellent quality products, we have built up a huge client base. Here at Mandana stone Company, we offer outstanding customer service and prompt delivery. We respond to inquiries, resolve queries and fulfill commitments on time. The sizes and finishes of the product can be easily customized according to the preferences. Our company produces an exclusive range of Kota stone tiles and slabs, covings, cobblestones, blocks, bricks, and parking tiles as well.

Infrastructure - From Mines to Your Floor We cater to Everything
Mandana Stone Company possesses state-of-the-art technology backed by a team of highly qualified professionals striving for innovation and quality. The company has highly mechanized quarries producing the best quality materials. Our stockyard has a ready stock of more than 50,000 sq. mt.(about 100 container loads) of stones of varying dimensions. Behind every rock we produce, stands a remarkable team of top managers, trade suppliers, craftsmen, and client service representatives. The latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery for calibration; polishing, tumbling, sandblasting, edge cutting and engraving, etc. are being used at our processing centers.
Skilled teams of more than 170 people are working in our factory and mines

Our mines are spread over an area of 10 hectares and have deployed all modern machinery for excavation. We have concerns about our environment. After Mining is complete at a location we refill the cavity and plant trees.

Our Factory is equipped with 4 double pillar splitters, 2 Single pillar splitters, 5 Table polishers, 3 calibration machines, and 4 double edge cutting machines.

Our Stockyard is located just outside the mining area and spreads over 3 Hectares. We have a ready stock of more than 50000 sqm available at any time of the year.
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Quality Assurance
MSC has satisfied the requirements of countless buyers across the Globe and throughout India. The entire manufacturing process takes place under the direct supervision of skilled quality inspectors. It ensures the best quality at attractive prices. We boast of a large number of satisfied Multi National Companies as our clients.