FAQ's About Kota Stone

  • Posted on: 18 March 2022
  • By: admin

Is Kota stone expensive?

No! Kota stone is not expensive.

Kotastone is best and beautiful alternate of Marble or Granite. This is a natural limestone enough durable and less expensive, on top of it kotastone is waterproof stone. Below is the latest price list of Kota Stone. For supplier rates please email @ redmandana@gmail.com or call us @ 9351233333.
Please note: Kotastone prices updates daily.

Updated Price List of Kota Stone

Kota stone is always the first choice for outdoor flooring in construction industry due to its durability, colors, finishes, low price and less installation costs. Blue kota stone flooring tiles starts from Rs.8 and brown kota stone price starts from Rs.10 only. These are starting base prices of kota stone flooring tiles and may be different as pricing depends on sizes, colors, finishes, city, country, transportation etc. Kota stone is quarried in a small town near district Kota in Rajasthan a state of India. If you are planning to buy in bulk quantity you must know more about stone quality as this depends on mines.

Is Kota stone durable?

Yes Kota stone is durable enough in comparison of Marble or Granite. Kota stone is actually a limestone with fine grains and thin layer like Plyboard. Earlier kota stone slabs widely used to give an base support to Marble Kitchen Countertops. Now days Brown Kota Stone and Blue Kota Stone Slabs are being used everywhere.