Kota Stone Price, Manufacturers & Suppliers

  • Posted on: 1 April 2021
  • By: mandana

There are a lot of factors that determines the price of Kota stone. Kota stone price depends on several elements. Price of the stone can varies according to its colours, variations, layers, thickness, size, quality, and quantity and mostly depends on the location of the vendor.

Different kinds of finishes are even responsible for the distinct Kota stone price. Like naturally finished Kota stone has the cheapest price where the mirror polished ready to fit tiles are the most expensive among all. The price factor even depends on the bottom finishes of the stones as calibrated tiles cost more then normally finished one. The calibration process makes the thickness of the stone tiles uniform where as the tiles with natural bottom has variable thickness.

The difference in Colour also is a prime factor for Kota stone price. Kota stone generally comes in bluish green, brown and honey or mix shade, But as it is a naturally occurring rock every colour is having slight colour variations. The Brown coloured Kota stone cost more than other variants of it.