Leather Finish Kota Stone

  • Posted on: 31 July 2023
  • By: mandana

The Leather finish Kota stone has wide application spectrum. Leather finished kota stone is an absolute choice for indoors and outdoors of your home as the softness of surface with its natural sheen and smooth appearance is eye soothing. Leather finish kota stone is a suitable choice for your corridors, living rooms, garden floors, and even for your parking area.

With the help of diamond tipped tools, abrasives and brushes, the rough surface of Kota stone is given leather like finish which adds lusture and sheen to it. However during the time of finishing, the natural texture of stone remains intact while taming its roughness.

You can clad the walls with leather finish kota stone especially the brown variant of kota stone gives luxurious effects while using as a wall cladding stone. Kota brown comes with unique colour and slight colour variations which gives distinct and appealing visual effects that is why Kota brown leather finished stone is preferred for cladding and artistic purpose.