Kota Blue Limestone Exporter

Magnificently gorgeous with its timeless allure, Kota blue Limestone is a versatile sedimentary rock, which is quarried from Kota, Rajasthan. The aesthetic appeal and elegance of Blue limestone is unmatchable. Kota Blue Limestone uses are rapidly increasing as it is able to adapt a variety of finishes and styles and suitable for residential and well as commercial purposes.

Blue limestone slabs


Kota Blue limestone slabs have a blend of unique textures and variations, making it the popular choice amongst designers and artisans. Having exquisitely captivating colour palette that ranges from ocean blue to greenish or grayish tone makes it a versatile stone. Blue Kota limestone slabs are even available in various sizes to fulfill the demand of any home-style. Its durability with unique colours and patterns makes it an ideal choice for patios and any outdoor application. The allure beauty of Kota blue limestone slabs is mesmerizing.

Blue limestone patio


Exquisite Kota blue stone patios include a variety of patterns as the naturally occurring stone has colour variations and it can be cut into any size. Using Ocean blue limestone for patios will definitely soothes your eyes and creates captivating designs. Here are some of the patterns and ideas, we can use for making blue limestone patios. 1. Herringbone Pattern 2. Modish Basket Weave 3. Circular Opulence Combine the different sizes of blue stone and create timeless and contemporary patterns placing these amazing limestone slabs in different ways. It could be in zigzag pattern or a circular pattern. With Mixing Kota stone slabs in a different manner, you can create endless unique patterns.

Kota blue Limestone exporter


In the world of natural stones, Mandana stone company has grown its popularity worldwide as a blue lime stone exporter. We cater best quality products with customer satisfaction and on time delivery services. Blue limestone is a natural stone with exquisite colour variations and eye catching visual appeal. It is a multipurpose stone and can be used for both interior and exterior applications. We are delivering Kota blue limestone products of premium quality around the domestic and overseas with a commitments and great craftsmanship. Here, in Mandana stone Company; Kota stone price is always lower than local dealers. we are using state of the art technology for shaping and precise cutting applications. As a leading Exporter of Natural stones, our company offers a wide range of products made of natural stones such as granite, marble, Kota blue limestone, Kota brown limestone, Kota stone ready to fit tiles and sandstones. We are providing various products to fulfill diverse customer requirements whether its for cladding, landscaping, decorative items or flooring. We have something for everyone. With customizable size, shape, thickness and finishes, we guide and help our clients to choose right product that solve their purpose accurately. Being aware about our environment, Mandana stone company makes sure that the mining process of Kota blue limestone would not imbalance the environmental process. We believe in sustainable practices so throughout the mining and quarrying process we use eco friendly techniques to minimize the harmful effects such as water recycling and refilling the cavity.