Kota Stone Price and Installation Cost

Kota Stone, popular as blue limestone, is a versatile natural flooring stone that has been used in various construction projects around the world. Kota stone is mined from Kota district of Rajasthan and known for its deep blue and captivating brownish tones. Kota stone being both durable and attractive at the same time has become a perfect choice for residential as well as commercial projects. 

The price of Kota stone is always variable because there are multiple factors that are responsible for the Kota stone rate. Kota stone price depends on the quality of stone as based on layers the stone can range between premium to lower qualities. Other aspects of Kota limestone price are its sizes, thickness, finish and colour of stone. Kota brown stone is always expensive compare to Kota blue. Same way the larger and thicker the stone, the more it will cost. 

Kota Stone Tile Price 

There are several type of products available that are made od kota stone such as kota stone cobbles, kota stone extra large slabs, kota stone covings, kota stone tiles and so on. Amongst all of these products, Kota stone ready to fit tiles are more popular these days due to its classy and sleek design. Kota stone ready to fit pre polished tiles are pre polished and calibrated tiles of Kota stone with uniform thickness for effortless installation of Kota stone flooring. Kota stone tile price is always higher than other Kota stone products.

The normal polished Kota stone tiles are cheaper in rates and with different polish and finishes it can be available at different rates.

Kota Stone Installation price

Installation cost of Kota stone, directly proportionate to the surface area. The bigger the size of floor, the more will be the installation cost. Except the size there are other factors as well which determines the Kota stone installation price such as labor charges, loading charges, mortar expenses, polishing after installation and even on the Ex- factory Kota stone price etc. Even the location of the project also determines the Kota stone installation price. However, always take advice from local vendors as well as mine owners to know the precise details and cost which fulfill your purpose efficiently. 

Kota Stone Flooring Fitting 

Kota blue limestone flooring fitting involves many steps to get desired results. Here is the detailed procedure of Kota stone flooring installation.

Process of Kota stone flooring installation:

1. Choosing the Right stone/stone customization 

Choosing ideal Kota stone slab is an important aspect to pay attention to, before preparing the surface for fitting. Second layer stone is considered as a premium quality stone. After checking the colour and variations now the thickness has to be check carefully as there are number of pieces of Kota stones in market, which are cambered distorted and has dent in the bottom of it. Calibrated Kota stone are easier to install as compare to normally machine cut slab.

2. Surface preparation procedure 

The flooring surface where Kota limestone flooring supposed to be installed needs to be clean and free of contaminants. The level of the surface is evenly made before mortar filling. 

3. Mortar Preparation 

Mix of cement and mortar in accurate ratio should be made and generously be poured and leveled before laying the stones. The thickness level of Mortar and cement mix depends on the thickness of stone.

4. Stone Laying                                                                                        

Now when mortar bed is prepared it is time to placing the Kota stone slabs on mortar filled area carefully. Checking the space and alignment precisely and placing it in place, it should be tapped gently by the piece of wooden or rubber mallet to set in the place. 

5. Filling the joints 

Now the stones are in place, joints and cavities should be filled to avoid any kind of leakage of liquids or products to avoid future replacements of the floor. 

6. Polishing and Finishing 

Now the surface is polished and ground by the polishing machines to achieve even and matt finish. Finishing and polishing process enhance the visual effects and life of the Kota limestone.